WordPress Management

WordPress software management covers the installation of WordPress core software upgrades, plugin software updates, and theme software updates. We also check for and replace abandoned software that is no longer developer maintained and we recommend efficiency improvements.

Why is continuous support important?

Software developers release regular product updates. These updates can enhance software performance, improve site security, remove security flaws, patch bugs or add new features. We monitor website software versions and update as necessary.

Our automated website monitors run several times per day to detect software packages that are ready to be updated. When a software package can be updated a member of the WP Service Masters team checks the purpose of the update before the update is installed. We take care of post update reconfiguration. We test website performance after each update.

Rest easily in full knowledge that when a plugin developer or theme developer changes vocation, retires or moves on from life, we will notice the software is no longer under active development and will find a replacement product.

Why use a WordPress management service?

WordPress is our livelihood. We monitor WordPress core development so we are prepared for important feature changes that could conflict with installed plugins or that could crash the active theme.

We actively look for software efficiency improvements. Where we can make improvements we will recommend them and enact them as directed.

We work with many different WordPress websites. Our knowledge of WordPress, of WordPress plugins and themes puts us in a strong position to swiftly act when problems arise and to solve problems before they happen.

We monitor for security issues and keep our knowledge of newly uncovered security vulnerabilities up-to-date. If we find a security problem we fix it before it causes any damage.

No more waiting for forum replies or sifting through hundreds of salesmen offering overpriced help. We keep sites running well.

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