Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my service plan?

You can change your plan at any time. Upgrade it. Downgrade it. Add to it. Cancel it. The choice is yours.

Do you issue refunds?

Payment refunds for cancelled or downgraded subscription service plans are issued on a prorated basis.

Payment refunds for unit rate services are issued with the cost of the delivered portion of the service deducted from any payments made. The cost of the delivered portion is calculated at our hourly rate advertised at the time the service was purchased. A bill for any unpaid costs accrued for service delivery will be issued where necessary. The balance of any bill issued may be invoiced as per an arranged payment plan.

What if I have more than one site?

→ For WordPress management service plans

The 1 hour support time included in Ultimate can be used with any site that is covered by an active monthly service plan issued by WP Service Masters.

We provide the service. How you use the service and how you make use of the benefits of the service is up to you. The only restriction is that the sites we work on must be registered to the same WP Service Masters account and must be covered by an active WP Service Masters service plan.

→ For WordPress optimization services

The WordPress Optimization Service is charged per site.

How do I pay for extra service time?

Speak with your personal account manager or pay directly through your service account control panel. We prefer to speak directly with you so we can make sure you get the best value for your money.

What happens if an update crashes my site?

We fix the site at no additional cost to you. When a site goes down on our watch because of something we have done then we work to get the site back up and running as quickly as possible at no extra cost to you.

Who pays for premium plugins and themes?

We are licensed to install a variety of premium plugins and themes. Premium plugins and themes that your sites require are paid for as follows:

  • The license fee is covered by us if we hold a developer license for the plugin or theme.
  • The license fee is paid by you if we do not hold a developer license for the plugin or theme.
  • Under some circumstances the license fee for a premium plugin or theme that we are not yet licensed to use on client sites may be partially or fully covered by us at our discretion.

When we install a premium plugin or theme into a website under one of our licenses, we will keep the license active for the website for a minimum of one year from the time of installation. If our service agreement with you ends before that year has expired we will continue to honor the year long activation period. We respect plugin and theme developer license agreements. If a plugin or theme license agreement states that we need to deactivate a license for a plugin or theme then we will honor the directions of the license agreement.

Who pays for 3rd party costs?

You do. We provide technical support, WordPress site admin assistance and training services. We will fix software conflicts, add page tabs to menus, edit widget content, change graphics, install page content, edit page content, install plugins, configure plugins, update web server software and other similar tasks.

If a WordPress backup plugin needs to connect to a 3rd party storage service that costs money then we will configure the plugin to use the 3rd party service but you will need to pay the costs issued by the 3rd party service.

Do you support WordPress multisite?

We support multisites on a case-by-case basis. Speak with us for multisite support.

Do you work with multilingual sites?

We work primarily with English and Spanish language sites.

We are willing to provide technical assistance for WordPress sites written in other languages. We may not be able to amend page content written in languages other than English and Spanish.

Do you create page and post content?

We can create written content. Unique content takes time to create and will be billed at your service plan’s regular price schedule. Most customers find it cost effective to create their own content then ask us to proofread and copy-edit it for them.

We do provide consultation services which are great for when you need help to tease out content creation ideas.

What about media content and graphics?

The service plans are intended to be used to request WordPress technical assistance and WordPress site management assistance.

We will edit graphics to make small changes where necessary. Movie creation, movie editing, audio creation, audio editing, graphics creation and photo creation are not currently part of our service.

Can I use a service plan to get you to build a website?

You are welcome to build your own website then ask us to optimize the site. Our WordPress Optimization Service is perfect for this purpose.

We do build websites. Contact us to let us know your needs.

What about data security and privacy?

We do not share your data with third parties unless required to do so by law or unless permitted to do so by you. We respect non-disclosure agreements when we sign them.

Account data is stored and maintained on UK and US servers. Data is accessed from the UK and US via secure SSL protected protocols. We occasionally create securely encrypted backups of your data for off-line storage and off-line access; such data is deleted when off-line access is no longer required.

Is my data safe with you?

Yes. Absolutely.

Usernames and passwords for your web assets or your 3rd party service accounts are kept in a secure location. We will not share your details with 3rd parties unless required to do so by law.

What are your support people like?

Friendly. Our staff are hired for their customer service skills, friendliness, technical proficiency and ethics. You are welcome to speak with us to learn more about us.

What about 5 minute tasks?

The Ultimate plan includes 1 hour of support time. In addition to this support time we will perform a reasonable number of individual 5 minute tasks free of charge while-so-ever you are covered by an active Ultimate plan.

How do I get in touch and make requests?

Contact us by email, phone, Skype, Hangouts or Live Support at any time. We will even use other chat services if you require us to do so.

How do I login to my support portal?

You do not need to. Most service providers use complicated support portals that force people to login to them, type a message, hang around and hopefully get a reply back within 10 minutes. That is too complicated and unfriendly.

We use email, phone, Live Support, Hangouts and Skype. No need to login to a support portal to ask simple questions or make support requests. Just send us an email and we will deliver the goods. We log our communications and keep record of the work we do for you, and you can request access to your records at any time.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

Our terms and conditions are here.

I’m ready! Where do I sign up?

Set a callback time or press the green button at the bottom right of this page to speak with us today.