Monthly Maintenance and Support

We provide a full range of WordPress support plans. Professional and Ultimate are designed to help when you need regular monthly assistance and Basic is for those who want occasional support without commitment to a monthly plan.

Each plan comes with a personal account manager. Ultimate and Professional provide 24/7 uptime monitoring, security monitoring, WordPress core update management, WP plugin update management and theme update management. Ultimate comes with hands-on technical support, WordPress admin support and WordPress Q&A sessions.

We also provide WordPress optimization, WordPress server migration, theme development and WordPress training services.


$69.95 / Month

For daily updates, daily monitoring, expert advice, 1 hour use anytime support and loyalty reward prices


$145 / Hour

For on-demand support with no monthly subscription. First hour of any job only $85

Additional Support for Ultimate Customers is $85.00 per hour

Ultimate gives peace of mind through daily software updates and 1 hour of on-demand monthly support for $69.95 per month plus a reasonable number of included 5 minutes tasks. The second support hour is $85.

Basic offers on demand support at $145 per hour of service provided. Subscription free.

Extra time is charged at only $135 per hour no matter which support plan you choose.

More Products

Website Optimization

Prices start at $795

We optimize the website, we optimize the web server and we monitor the site for 30 days to ensure our job is done.

Website Development

Prices start at $4995

We build secure functional websites optimized for usability, service delivery and reader interaction.