WordPress Optimization

Websites are similar to software installed into home computers. Just like computers, websites need half-yearly to yearly performance tune-ups to confirm the web server that hosts them is properly configured to the needs of the website software, to confirm the website database is optimized for speed and to confirm the website software is running at optimal efficiency.

Software changes. Websites need to be kept up-to-date

WordPress optimization from $795 per site. We inspect the theme, plugins, core WordPress files and web server configuration then make necessary alterations to the site to improve website performance and search engine crawlability.

Our website optimization process is a closely guarded secret. No one else optimizes websites the same way that we do.

Here is what we can tell you

WordPress optimization is a 3 phase job:

  1. Initial assessment
  2. Software and configuration changes
  3. Continuous month long performance monitoring

Phase one, the initial assessment, is where we review the website software, analyze the web server settings and determine where speed, plugin, theme and security improvements can be made. We benchmark a site’s performance index before we make any adjustments.

The second phase is where we implement the changes assessed during phase one to be necessary to bring your site to optimal performance.

During phase three we constantly monitor the site’s performance and compare post optimization performance benchmarks with the benchmarks produced during phase one. We continue to adjust the site’s software and to tweak the web server configuration until we are satisfied with the site’s performance.

Our WordPress optimization service includes spam removal, software updates, software upgrades, image optimization, server optimization and question & answer sessions.

Sometimes the best performance boost for any website, like a WordPress managed site, is gained through moving sites to a new web host or by serving site content from multiple web servers. We will tell you when we believe a change of web host is necessary to boost your site’s performance. We will enable Content Delivery Network (CDN) services where possible.

Our WordPress optimization service costs from just $795 per site. Additional costs may apply if we need to rebuild the theme or when 3rd party software requires a license that is not part of our stock or when the site is a WordPress multisite.

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