Who We Work With

Our primary customers are WordPress site owners in need of long-term support with site maintenance and site administration. As website maintenance providers we manage software updates, resolve software conflicts and the causes of downtime, and constantly monitor sites to ensure they are up and running. As managers of site administration we install pages, edit pages, organise menu tabs and look after widget area content.

Our secondary customers are site owners who had a website built by a web developer who quickly vanished as soon as paid leaving the site owner in need of WordPress tuition and design bugs to fix.

We provide training to help website owners who want to move WordPress administration in-house. We teach staff to edit menu tabs, to edit widget content, to add pages, and to write content with SEO and modern readers in mind.

Our clients come from all areas of the world and their websites range from real estate sales and rental businesses, non profit organizations and life insurance companies through to art gallery owners and bloggers. We cover the needs of local area business owners, Internet marketers and multinational companies.

We work with bloggers, business owners, office admins, entrepreneurs and non profits. Our staff are friendly, welcoming and here to help. We are both professional and down-to-earth; that is important to us: to speak plain English that real people understand.

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